Photo taken by me in Shenandoah National Park, VA

Hello, and welcome! I'm Ryan: a husband, developer, gamer, American University alum, and car enthusiast living in Newark, Delaware.

I've been a full stack web developer for about 4 years now. My expertise is in Ruby and Rails, but I also have a lot of experience on the front end with HTML, CSS, jQuery, and object-oriented Javascript.

I first learned to code at Dev Bootcamp Chicago in 2014, where I first learned Ruby, Rails, and a bit about the front-end too. From there, I worked at Scoop News Group in Washington, DC doing mostly front-end development. While there, I taught myself PHP on the job to improve the quality of my work but also streamline my workflow.

In my personal time I also kept my Ruby skills sharp, and in late 2015 I started working for Gannett where I have been a Rails developer in the Commerce Solutions team ever since. I am the sole maintainer of 2 internal Rails applications, and collaborate on several more with my coworkers.

If you'd like to chat for (almost) any reason or to learn more about me, feel free to reach out using the contact links below or check out my résumé. Thanks for stopping by!